Resetting your phone

Reset is the operation of restoring your phone or another device to its original system settings. Reset operation is usually performed to clear the device of personal data, repair a malfunctioning device, removal of malicious software or removal of data before selling the device.

Before doing a reset always remember to take a backup of your data because recovering data after the reset is not possible.

Hard Reset

Hard Reset or master reset operation deletes all the personal data, custom settings, passwords and applications from the device’s memory. This operation restores the device to the state it was in when it left the manufacturing unit. Hard reset is considered safe and should not cause any damage.

Soft Reset

Soft Reset is the operation of turning off and reboot the device. This operation does not cause any loss of personal data or device settings. Soft Reset mostly helps to resolve device slowness problems, overheating and minor system issues.

Credits – Pexels


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