Principles For Overcoming Fitness Obstacles

To be fit and being in shape requires hard work and maintaining a fitness-oriented life sometimes can be overwhelming.

No matter what your motivation or fitness level is, laziness, motivation, procrastination, anxiety, general health issues are some of the barriers that you have to cross every day to maintain your fitness level.

It’s always easy to imagine an obstacle to be too big and quitting without trying. This is wired into us and it’s our fight or flight response. These obstacles can be conquered by changing your outlook towards your life and little bit of motivation. So why we lose our focus and motivation to keep ourselves fit. Read on to know more.

Reason 1 – Laziness

The dictionary meaning of laziness is “one’s quality of being unwilling to work or use energy”. It feels good to roll around in your bed doing nothing and caring for nothing. Laziness is part of us and it always try to overpower our will power. The thoughts of doing nothing can be dispelled by reminding yourself that even a lion who is considered king of the jungle has to go out and hunt. Prey will not serve themselves up just because he is a king.

Reason 2 – Gym is too far.

Believe it or not your motivation to train is linked to the distance between your home and the gym. Closer the gym more you are motivated to go and train.

Reason 3 – Fear of Failure

It is natural that every time you start a task you also start thinking of the outcome. This is when the feeling of failure starts to creep in. Always believe that no mountain is too high to climb. Imagine yourself in the future standing at the finish line. Use this fear to drive you to finish and succeed.

Reason 4 – Doing too much too fast.

Fitness journey is something that you have to enjoy and savor. It is not an academic exam that you have to cram the night before to succeed in your exam the next morning. Start your fitness journey early. If you want to look good in your beach photos next summer don’t wait till March or April, start now and constantly make progress. Make mini goals and beat them.