Best travel apps for travelers

If you like to travel then you should have these apps on your phone that covers every aspect of travel. These apps will help you plan your travel right from packing your stuff, booking the best hotels, getting passes to the best airport lounges and speaking the local language.


This is a one of kind travel app that you must have before you start your search for the cheapest flights available on the internet as this app predicts prices with good accuracy for up to 1 year in advance. Hopper helps you buy the flights at the best price available by predicting how much the fares will increase based on its algorithm and its abundance of historical data.

Google Trips

Google Trips makes it easier to plan and organize your trips saving your reservations in one place and then creates a full day or half day a full day with suggestions for what to see and what to do.


If you are confused about what to pack for your next trip then you should try PackPoint as this app will organize your trip based on the weather forecast at your destination, your length of stay and the activities you have planned for your trip.


FLIO provides you information on more than 3000 airports such as transport to reach the airport, Wi-Fi networks, duty-free shops, airport maps, best airport restaurants, power outlet location, shopping information. You can find exclusive FLIO offers and discounts for restaurants, cafes, and duty-free shops. Just download your voucher and redeem it at the store or restaurant. You can also reserve parking and book Fastlane and exclusive lounge access on FLIO. Apart from this, you will get updates and alerts about your flight schedule, delays and gate changes and cancellations.


GeoSure give you the most accurate safety and security information for your domestics and international travel. It collects from trusted and crowdsourced sources about street crime, political unrest, women safety, health risks, disease outbreaks, environmental advisory.

Bonus Information

Waze – Community driven app for information regarding traffic and road conditions updates
Tripit – Takes your booking confirmation messages that you receive via email and arranges them into your complete travel itinerary.
TripAdvisor – Gives in-depth reviews of restaurants, hotels, and attractions.
HotelTonight – Helps you find same-day hotel reservations at great discounts.
Splitwise – Easily Split group expenses amongst your friends.

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